Monroe Mann

I am sending a zillion kudos to you-I've always been your great fan and you totally deserve it. Many blessings

My only question is how do you do so much? you have the same 24 hours I do! Paula DeMers

Monroe Mann responded on 01/02/2013

Hi Paula! Thank you so much for your zillion kudos. I think you're the first person who has ever sent me a zillion kudos. :) How do I do so much? Here's the quick answer: by not doing a lot of other stuff. I have the same amount of time as everyone else, but I don't squander it as much I guess. Too many people watch too much tv; sit for hours at the bar getting drunk with friends; take four hours to do something that should only take 20 minutes with some focused concentration; etc. People ask me this a lot though: this is why I created my book, "Time Zen" which you can find on Amazon,, etc. It's a short book of only 87 pages, designed to explain exactly how I get so much done, and how you can emulate my strategies so you can do the same. Hope it helps you, and thank you again for the zillion kudos!! --Monroe

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