Monroe Mann

(PART 2)
So can you tell me how can I be abkle to get a work permit so I would be able to audition and get a part time job to help with my expenses?
Thank you, I'll be waiting for your answer.


Monroe Mann responded on 01/03/2012

Securing an entertainment work visa is a difficult undertaking for ANYONE, even very talented and accomplished foreigners. First step, hire an immigration attorney--cost: about $5000 US Dollars. Second, begin gathering all of the 'proof' that your talent is SECOND TO NONE and that the US entertainment business will suffer without your talents. If you can't prove this second part, you'll have a huge struggle as you try to secure your work papers. The easiest way: get hired by a US production who will FIGHT to get you your work visa. Best of success to you! -- Monroe Mann

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