Monroe Mann

My question is how do you get motivated to work when you don't feel like it? i have 2 projects i'm doing a helluva job of avoiding that i need to get started on. you seem to be dealing with this well.

Monroe Mann responded on 05/11/2011

Here's the short answer: a) there's clearly not enough pressure or importance to get it done in your mind; so, figure out why it's important WHY must you get it done NOW. What are the benefits? And what will be the downsides of continued procrastination?
b) Think about this: you just spend 5 minutes writing that message to me---that's 5 minutes you could have spent on the projects. Just something to consider
c) TELL OTHER PEOPLE what your new self-imposed deadline is. I often share what I'm doing---not to brag---but to create accountability in myself. When I say, "I'm halfway done with my new book and it's gonna be available in September" to 4000 people on my email list, guess what? In a couple months, I start getting emails, "Hey, when's that book ocming out? How's it coming along?" etc. So by creating accountability in others, I get pressured into finishing.
That's the short answer. Medium answer: read my book, "Time Zen". Long answer: Hire me as your time management coach. I ROCK!

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