Monroe Mann

I'm trying to raise money for my project. Any suggestions?

Monroe Mann responded on 04/27/2011

Yup! Here are a few: a) ASK PEOPLE FOR MONEY DAMMIT! Honestly, this is probably why you don't have money for your project---because you are asking for suggestions on how to raise money instead of just asking for money. :) I gest, but truly, I don't. b) Get loans from family and friends. c) Do a rule 504 private placement (if under $1 million). d) Find a big money active investor. e) Check out Kickstarter and IndieGoGo onlnie--both are crowd funding sites. And yes, you STILL have have the guts to ask people for money. What's the worst they can say? NO! Are you worried about messing up a friendship? a) if they are a true friend, nothing should get in the way, b) treat them like a normal business partner, i.e. get it in writing! Please PLEASE do not let 'lack of funding' be your excuse. That's lame. Let your only excuse be 'I died and the project died with me.' But then again, why should the project die with you? That's what estate planning is all about! :)

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