Monroe Mann

Hi Monroe. With regard to your 9 years of service, what would you say was the single defining moment, situation, encounter or day that you would say is ingrained in your psyche and will never forget?

Monroe Mann responded on 03/20/2011

Wow, great question. There are a lot to choose from. I distinctly remember a few events in Iraq: a) when a chinese rocket came whizzing in and we all ducked for cover, only to be saved by the fact that it was a DUD as it 'thumped' into the sand, 20 ft from where we were; b) when we ate lunch at an Iraqi cafe in Tuz to meet an intelligence source, only to return the next day to discover it had been blown up; c) when we left on our patrol but turned back because someone forgot something--so another convoy took our place, and our route. They were ambushed, half the team had to be medevac'd to Germany. Terrible, terrible; and d) when a car bomb exploded out my window at 6am, while I was sleeping, and rocks came flying through the window, scaring me more than any other day in Iraq, as I jumped out of bed and grabbed my rifle, wondering what the heck was going on. But truly, the one day that means more to me than any of those? The day I graduated basic training. That day, I became a soldier.

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