Monroe Mann

How would you describe your 'ideal' fan?

Monroe Mann responded on 03/13/2011

Ahh, what a question. My ideal fan, is a 'superfan', i.e. someone who (I know this sounds a little weird, but it's true)--someone who loves everything and anything Monroe Mann, i.e. someone who enjoys my music, my books, my motivational speaking, and any and all other endeavors I happen to be involved with. But more so than that, it's someone who is passionate enough about what I am doing that they actually take the time and make the effort to spread the word about me to their friends. My biggest fan is Debbie Bordelon, who lives in Chicago. She has driven to NYC twice just to see me perform/speak, and does everything she can to promote me all around Chicagoland. If I had 100,000 fans like Debbie, I would be one happy camper. :) I LOVE YOU DEBBIE!!

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